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Taylor Time Live explores the labor shortage


DALTON Ga. (Date) Taylor Time Live (March 15/11:30 to Noon EST) will explore causes and solutions to the biggest challenge facing the flooring installation industry today. In this episode, we’ll look at recruiting, training, wages, compensation, inflation, and other factors impacting the labor shortage in floor installation. Guest expert insiders include Jon Namba and Jim Aaron.  

Jon Namba, of Namba Services, Inc., specializes in moisture testing, inspection, training and installation of resilient, laminate and hardwood flooring. Jon is a frequent speaker and recognized expert installer, with years of experience hiring and managing installation crews and knows the installer shortage well. He is also an editorial director for Floor Covering Installer magazine. 

Jim Aaron is the executive director of the Floor Covering Industry Foundation. The mission of the FCEF is to eliminate the crisis to the floor covering industry caused by the lack of qualified and trained installers. Prior to his appointment to FCEF, Aaron was VP of merchandising at Carpet One Floor & Home. Jim has led the charge for over a year in his present role and has met with virtually every leader in the industry to develop solutions to this crisis.  

Also joining for the “What’s in the News” segment is Margo Locust, editor and publisher of Premier Flooring Retailer magazine, as well as Fabulous Floors magazine, available to consumers via newsstands coast-to-coast. 

Seth Gladden, director of marketing for Taylor, is the host for Taylor Time Live. 

Viewers may join by going to the link found at https://www.tayloradhesives.com/taylortime/live/ or directly to the Taylor Adhesives YouTube Channel at https://youtu.be/wpfasAVXWgs 

Viewers may text questions to (833) 996-3069 during the show. 


The Language of Flooring Installation, Part 3

Today we are picking back up our series on understanding flooring adhesive terminology. In this section, Part 3, we will be continuing the discussion on some of the most important, and often misunderstood terminology regarding adhesives in the flooring industry. Let’s continue by examining “set”, “traffic” and “sound”.

Focus on Resilient: Common Mistakes Made When Installing Sheet Vinyl

Far too many installers fail to read and follow the flooring and adhesive manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to sheet vinyl. I have seen many failures that could have been easily avoided by simply following instructions. I cannot tell you how often I have been told, “The customer wouldn’t pay for substrate preparation,” or “We couldn’t acclimate the flooring because this is new construction.” I always tell these installers you should not do the installation if you cannot do it right.

The Language of Flooring Installation, Part 2

Beauty is only skin-deep, or as they say in the flooring business, surface-deep. But being in the adhesives business as we are, we’d like to respectfully disagree. For us, the real Buzz about beauty comes from down below—the Substrate, that is. For most people, they never see it, much less think about it. For us, it’s the most important thing there is. It deserves your time and attention. Speaking of which, let’s Buzz about Time, too!