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The Language of Flooring Installation, Part 1

With all his gadgetry, “Q” is not the kind of bond enhancer we will be talking about. Elastomeric is not some superhero that stretches. Heavy traffic is not just about 5 o’clock during a big city rush hour. Today, we’re buzzing about the language of flooring installation. And we’re interested in the words and definitions that accurately describe flooring adhesives and installation.

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Steps to a Greener Future

There is a growing awareness among consumers about the environmental and social impact of the products they use, and many are willing to pay a premium for products that are sustainably produced.

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Would you like fries with that?

The art of the assumptive close was born the day after McDonalds restaurants opened April 15, 1955. “Would you like fries with that?” was probably first asked for the first time and has been alive and well ever sense.

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A New Perspective on Adhesives

Building relationships with customers is crucial for the success of any business. Customers are the backbone of any business and building strong relationships with them can have a significant impact on the company’s growth and profitability.

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Setting Strong Goals

During the January 2023 edition of TAYLOR TIME LIVE, Paul Murfin, president of the Meridian Flooring division and Taylor Adhesives, spoke with Seth Gladden, director of marketing, about the importance of selling more flooring adhesives as a strong goal for the new year.

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