Signature Line®

90% Moisture Vapor Barrier, Elastomeric Adhesive

Available in 2 gallons

Aspen keeps you firmly grounded with both its price and performance. Created to offer an alternative to traditional urethane-based adhesives, Aspen is an easy-to-clean, low-odor, isocyanate-free solution. With its early grab, fast-curing formula and tenacious bond, Aspen reduces project time and labor accompanying most wood flooring installations.

  • RH


  • RH

    NTR 5-14

  • RH

    10 lbs

  • RH
    Open Time

    0 min

  • RH
    Working Time

    45-60 min

  • RH
    Cure Time

    12 hrs

  • RH
    Light Traffic

    6 hrs

  • RH
    Heavy Traffic

    6 hrs

Why Use

  • 1-part product
  • 1-step application
  • Antimicrobial technology
  • High-strength, elastomeric membrane
  • Permanent, waterproof bond
  • Easy application
  • Easy-to-trowel
  • Inhibits mold/mildew growth
  • Installs multiple flooring types
  • Solvent and isocyanate-free
  • LEED v4 contributing: CDPH v1.2
  • Modified urethane (isocyanate-free)
  • 90% RH moisture protection (porous slab - ASTM F3191)
  • 90% moisture vapor barrier
  • No shot-/bead-blasting required (CSP 1+)
  • No stirring/mixing required
  • Non-slump formula
  • Non-staining, easy-to-clean
  • Extremely low odor
  • pH blocker, protects flooring from alkali attack
  • Competitive price point
  • Rapid access for heavy traffic (6 hrs)
  • Rapid access for light traffic (6 hrs)
  • Rapid occupancy times (6 hrs)
  • Smooths up to 1/8" irregularities
  • Sound reduction and 1/8"-crack isolation
  • Extremely low VOCs
  • Warranted over cutback residue (see TDS)


FloorScore® Green Label Plus® GREENGUARD® Material Health Certificate - Bronze


Red List free (LBC version 3.1)



Approved Flooring Types

Flooring Type Installation
Rubber (crumb)
Flooring Type Installation
Acrylic Impregnated Plank
Cork flooring
Cork underlayment
Cork-backed hard surface
Hardwood (engineered)
Hardwood (parquet)
Hardwood (solid)