Signature Line®

Unlimited Moisture Vapor Barrier, Hard-Set, Elastomeric Adhesive

Available in 2 gallons

Chasing moisture can cost valuable time and money, but with Resolute, you can stop it in its tracks. Designed with safe, single-part, moisture-cured chemistry, Resolute is a faster, more installer friendly alternative to two-part epoxy systems. Resolute is engineered for heavy rolling loads and challenging environments, and its waterproof design forms an unlimited moisture vapor barrier that can also take the punishment introduced by topical liquids.

  • RH

    NTR 100%

  • RH

    NTR 5-14

  • RH


  • RH
    Open Time

    0 min

  • RH
    Flash Time

    10 min

  • RH
    Working Time

    45 min

  • RH
    Cure Time

    6 hrs

  • RH
    Light Traffic

    3 hrs

  • RH
    Heavy Traffic

    4 hrs

  • RH
    Heavy Rolling Loads

    8 hrs

  • RH

    66 dB

  • RH

    68 dB

  • RH
    Delta IIC

    18 dB

Why Use

  • 1-part product
  • 1-step application
  • Antimicrobial technology (Made with Meta-Sept™ anti-microbial agents that will provide its wet and dry films with protection from fungal growth. This protection is determined using the ASTM G21 test method.)
  • High-strength, elastomeric membrane
  • Permanent, waterproof bond
  • Cost savings potential
  • Faster construction timeline
  • Extreme heavy rolling loads
  • Inhibits mold/mildew growth
  • Installs multiple flooring types
  • Solvent and isocyanate-free
  • LEED v4 contributing: CDPH v1.2
  • Modified urethane (isocyanate-free)
  • Unlimited moisture protection (porous slab - ASTM F3191)
  • Unlimited moisture vapor barrier
  • No shot-/bead-blasting required (CSP 1+)
  • No stirring/mixing required
  • No sub-slab moisture barrier required
  • No testing required (RH, pH, MVER)
  • Non-staining, easy-to-clean
  • Extrememly low odor
  • Excellent plasticizer migration resistance
  • Attractive price point
  • pH blocker, protects flooring from alkali attack
  • Rapid access for heavy rolling loads (8 hrs)
  • Rapid access for heavy traffic (4 hrs)
  • Rapid access for light traffic (3 hrs)
  • Rapid cure time (heat weld, wet-mop, strip/finish) - 6 hrs
  • Rapid occupancy times (3+ hrs)
  • Reduces telegraphing
  • Replaces 2-part epoxy
  • Self-healing technology
  • Sound reduction (3rd party tested)
  • Sound reduction and 1/8"-crack isolation
  • Topical liquid resistance (water, spills, etc.)
  • Extremely low VOCs


FloorScore® Green Label Plus® GREENGUARD® Material Health Certificate - Bronze


mindful MATERIALS Library Red List free (LBC version 3.1)



Approved Flooring Types

Flooring Type Installation
Artificial Turf
Modular (hard-backed carpet tile)
Modular (soft-backed carpet tile)
Modular (walk-off carpet tile)
Flooring Type Installation
Modular (LVP)
Modular (LVT)
Modular (rigid core - dryback)
Modular (SVT)
Modular (VCT)
Modular (VET)
Modular (woven)
Rubber (crumb)
Rubber (sheet)
Rubber (tile)
Sheet (felt-backed)
Sheet (fiberglass)
Sheet (heterogeneous)
Sheet (homogeneous)
Sheet (woven)
Stair Treads (rubber)
Stair Treads (vinyl)
Flooring Type Installation
Cork flooring
Cork underlayment
Cork-backed hard surface