Signature Line®

95% Moisture Vapor Barrier, Encapsulator, or Primer Coating

Available in 2 gallons

Zephyr is a simple way to protect what's on top. Engineered to fight moisture, Zephyr can also be used as a primer, or even an encapsulator, eliminating the need to remove existing or cutback adhesive residue. This one-part, roller-applied coating requires no stirring or mixing and is uniquely adaptable to varying moisture levels.

  • RH

    93% 1 coat
    ; 95% 2 coats

  • RH

    NTR 5-14

  • RH

    10 lbs 1 coat
    15 lbs 2 coats

  • RH
    Cure Time

    1 hr

Why Use

  • 1-coat application
  • 1-part product
  • 1-step application
  • Antimicrobial technology
  • Cost savings potential
  • Detackifies existing adhesive residue
  • Easy application
  • Easy application (roller applied)
  • Encapsulates cutback residue
  • Fast roller application
  • Fast-drying formula
  • Inhibits mold/mildew growth
  • Isocyanate-free
  • LEED v4 contributing: CDPH v1.2
  • Moisture protection (porous slab - ASTM F3191)
  • Moisture protection for flooring (glue-down, floating, loose-lay)
  • Moisture tolerance
  • Moisture vapor barrier
  • No shot-/bead-blasting required (CSP 1+)
  • No stirring/mixing required
  • Odor (extremely low)
  • Permanent, waterproof membrane
  • pH (blocker)
  • pH (not affected by)
  • Plasticizer migration resistance (excellent)
  • Price point (attractive)
  • Primes porous substrates (including gypcrete)
  • Protects flooring from alkali attack
  • Rapid cure time
  • Seals porous substrates
  • Solvent-free
  • VOCs (no content)


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Approved Flooring Types

Flooring Type Installation
For use under all glue-down, loose-lay, and floating floors