TAYLOR TIME LIVE updates format and focus for 2022


New half-hour program length to deliver problem/solution advice from multiple Insider installer experts

DALTON, Ga. (Jan.17, 2022)–TAYLOR continues its monthlyLIVE webinar stream with more impact in less time, according to marketing director and host Seth Gladden of TaylorAdhesives. Season 3 starts at its new time of 11:30 a.m. EST to Noon on Tuesday, January 18.

“Viewers suggested that we go from one-hour to 30 minutes,” said Gladden. “We have also re-concentrated our line-up of guest experts and topics to be more oriented toward solving installation issues that everyone, from installers, contractors, retailers, and even A&D, would profit from.”

Another change Taylor is making is the number of guest experts in a program. “We are including more participants, whether in-studio, live, or pre-recorded clips to deliver a number of different viewpoints on a topic. “We are also including guest editors from the trade media to share their updates and perspectives.”

The upcoming episode on Tuesday will be on “Biggest Challenges” and will include Jon Namba, Lew Migliore, Brett Miller, John McGrath, as well as regulars Gary Schiedker, Robert Varden and Seth Gladden


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