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Taylor Adhesives makes a statement with its new website


Taylor Adhesives makes a statement with its new website

DALTON, Ga. (Jan.12, 2022)–Three years ago, Taylor launch edits first state-of-the-art website. This week, Taylor launched its new website that “makes an industry statement,” says Seth Gladden, director of marketing for Taylor.

“There has been considerable change, both in floor covering as a whole, and at Taylor,” observed Gladden. “Over the past couple of years, we’ve experienced massive changes as an industry. We’ve also experienced unprecedented growth and product development as a company. Focusing on our industry leadership and dedication to our customers, we’ve redesigned tayloradhesives.com to not only keep us current, but to serve their needs like never before.”

What’s new:

  • The new Taylor site provides a fascinating historical perspective for the brand with adetailed timeline of its 40-year history of sustainability leadership and innovation.
  • Taylor’s newProductSelector technology that allows you to browse and identify the right adhesive for your project by product collection, flooring category, and flooring type. Products can even be filtered by sustainability and other criteria.
  • Taylor Time, the company’s unique and industry-leading information and teaching platform, has gotten a makeover. Now visitors can browse articles and episodes from the archive that interest them, and read or watch the mat their convenience.
  • Distinct Taylor advantages, such as its Technical Team, its Meridian Adhesives Group association, its superior product warranties, and its valued industry affiliations are highlighted and detailed for the first time.

“Today’s adhesive manufacturer must be more than a sundry, it must be a valuable and indispensible accessory to its customer’s success,” stated Paul Murfin, president of Taylor. “This new website is a vital part of that commitment. As with everything we do at Taylor, we are with our customers every step.”


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Beauty is only skin-deep, or as they say in the flooring business, surface-deep. But being in the adhesives business as we are, we’d like to respectfully disagree. For us, the real Buzz about beauty comes from down below—the Substrate, that is. For most people, they never see it, much less think about it. For us, it’s the most important thing there is. It deserves your time and attention. Speaking of which, let’s Buzz about Time, too!