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Steps to a Greener Future

TAYLOR is an avid supporter of promoting sustainable products and manufacturing processes and has led the flooring adhesives industry with a long list of sustainability firsts:

  • Green Label® Plus
  • Greenguard®
  • FloorScore®
  • Cradle to Cradle®
  • Mindful Materials listing

So, it came as no surprise when we invited a leader in sustainability to join host Seth Gladden on the April 2023 TAYLOR TIME LIVE episode to teach viewers on the importance of a green knowledge base when it comes to selling flooring adhesives such as Taylor’s Signature Line® or Essentials Line.

Our expert guest was Kimberly A. Lombardozzi, Sustainability Manager, with W.R. Meadows, Inc. On TAYLOR TIME LIVE, she advised retailers, contractors, and distributors on how to sell more adhesives … in other words, to have a greener future in more ways than one!

There is a growing awareness among consumers about the environmental and social impact of the products they use, and many are willing to pay a premium for products that are sustainably produced. According to a 2021 survey by Accenture, 60% of consumers globally said they will prioritize purchasing from companies that are eco-friendly or sustainable.

Consumers also look for transparency in the production process, such as ethical sourcing of materials, fair labor practices, and reduction of waste and carbon footprint. Certification programs like Fair Trade, Organic, and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) also help consumers identify sustainable products.

Overall, consumer preference for sustainable flooring products is driven by a desire to make responsible choices that have a positive impact on the environment and society, and to support companies that share these values.

According to Lombardozzi, steps to a greener future are understanding the importance of indoor air quality, being familiar with the certifications and declarations associated with sustainable flooring products, and what to look for in green flooring products.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are a prominent concern regarding flooring and are in practically every manufactured thing. Kim pointed out that we spend 93% of our time indoors on average, so it’s wise to be aware of that. Surprising to most is that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air, with the off gassing of formaldehyde and isocyanates from many products in the home among the biggest offenders. Isocyanates are the #1 contributor to work-related asthma. Greenguard, Certified Green, CRI Green Label Plus, and FloorScore are essential certifications to look for regarding VOC emissions.

Flooring sales associates should be familiar with Health Product Declarations (HPDs), which bring transparency to the ingredients in a product, and Red Listed ingredients which are chemical compounds hazardous to humans. They should also be aware of sustainability in terms of Material Health, Material Reutilization, Renewable Energy, Water Stewardship, and Social Fairness. 

“It really behooves us to use the best products in our indoor space. We only have one set of lungs,” observed Lombardozzi. “The burden on the body gets pretty high.”

Watch “Steps to a Greener Future” on the Taylor YouTube Channel:

Seth Gladden is the host of TAYLOR TIME LIVE and is Marketing Director for the Meridian Industrial Flooring Division, including Taylor Adhesives

More about Kim Lombardozzi: LEED IDC and Construction Accredited, Fitwel Ambassador, Founder: KAL Sustainability Marketing, USGBC Board Member, Health Product Declaration Advisory Group, Design for Freedom Roundtable, Mindful Materials Outreach